Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Paris 1980's

Left: Dali exhibition. Me and Kriste.  Right: IL Volto Di Mae West postcard
 /ˈpærɪs/, it's the most beautiful city in the world. It even hurts my heart when I start thinking about how wonderful it is. I have never found any other city, which could be so attractive 
with its architecture, beautiful people, cozy coffee shops. In November I had very very special trip to Paris with my friend. We spent around the most beautiful 5 days walking around
Paris, going to the exhibitions, eating delicious food, drinking the best wine. And I miss Paris so much... Bring me back.

Beautiful Paris in terrible quality


  1. O vargeli kokią nostalgiją sukėlei šituo įrašu:))...o dar ta daina! Pavydžiu Paryžiaus.

    1. Man nostalgija Paryziui buna, kai vos ji palieku..