Sunday, 31 March 2013

Obsessed With Music

In less than two months I'm going to Oslo, Norway to see Beyonce. It's something what I still cannot believe... And in the summer time there is another trip waiting for me- Open'er Music Festival, Poland.

Open'er Festival/Poland.2012. Ukana photo

I remember those times, almost 4 years ago, when I was going to the music festivals in Lithuania as a accredited journalist and it was like a golden times for me and I think it's still the best times yet. I met a lot of incredible music artists and you cannot imagine feeling when you're standing behind the hedge. I believe that professional journalists and photographers doesn't have that amazing feeling but for me it was something incredible. You're so near and you feel very small connection between the artist and yourself... and I used to spend all the gig behind the hedge just swinging to the beat or pretending that I'm still taking pictures. 

Even after 4 years I still want to write about music or at least to work with music industry.
It's hard to explain my relationship with music. It even hurts my heart when I listen to it.

Alt-J. My 2013 music discovery. I will see them in the Open'er this year. I think I will cry like last year during the XX.

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