Tuesday, 2 April 2013

6 Things Why I Love London

London isn't that place where I wish to spend my whole life but there are some very nice things which still keeps me here.

Sarastro Bar in London

6.Small coffee shops and bars. I would go there even alone (and usually I don't go anywhere alone)
5.Markets. There are a lot of different and very nice markets. Never been in Colombian Flower Market but I heard that it is amazing.

4.Weather. Though this year is extremely cold or rainy, I like here because weather is almost the same whole year. Neither too cold in winter, nor too hot in summer time.
3.Gigs. I have found many many wonderful underground bands in here. Indie genre goes perfectly with British bands.
2.Traveling. It is really cheap to travel from London. I even went to Paris for 4 pounds ( with bus, but who cares?!)
Left: Me, Gianluca & Katrina Right: Gianluca& Laura

Left: Karim Right: Elena & Kaspar

1.People. I met so many people from different countries... Slightly I met people from the whole world and then you realise that, it is so amazing. As well you always have opportunity to visit them. Next year it will be my first journey to another continent.

View from Tate Modern

After all, I love London for very small things like river next to my house, sunny evenings, V&A museum near my work, very long walks, underground( I'm afraid of going with it when it's busy, but when I'm out of town I really miss it), skyscrapers view every day, cheap cinema for students in the Notting Hill & all in all I love, love British accent, if I ever going to leave the country I will miss it a lot.

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