Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Big Journey

I don't want to talk about it too early but after 1 year I have plans to take rest from London and go to Bogota, Colombia for one month. It even doesn't fit in my head. In one way I feel that it is like a dream but in other way I have so many thoughts what Bogota is like, how much money I will need, what I will be doing whole month there and so many other questions in my head. Otherwise, the biggest question is what I'm going to with my life after this journey. Am I going back to London? Or am I going home to Vilnius? Or should I consider going to other country and try something. I've never thought it will be so hard for me to decide what I want. What I want is to keep writing and I need a job like this. I feel so hopeless at this moment about all future thing. Ahh.

Though I don't like posting any pictures from the internet, but I like this one because of migration theme. 

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