Monday, 8 April 2013

Devendra "Mala"

Devendra just released his new album. I knew it will be good, but I didn't expected it will be so good. It is something very simple but heartbreaking. I believe that it is very big influence of his new (maybe not so new) wife.

  This is definitely my new playlist for April or maybe even little bit longer. Now I'm more excited to see him in Gdynia, Poland in Open'er Festival... These are 5 songs which I like the most:

 5.Won't You Come Over
3.Never Seen Such Good Things
2.Mi Negrita 
1.Your Fine Petting Duck


  1. man jie abu tokie žavūs!
    o ir puikus albumas.
    ačiū, kad pasidalinai:)

    1. Taaip, jie labai labai grazi pora , ir kai pasiziuriu i juos, tai labai norisi turet ka nors salia, eh. :)))